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Firstly, let's explain what tank gauging, often called dipping, ATG or auto tank gauging means. Traditionally tank gauging or tank dipping has been performed by owners of fuel to establish the tank level on a regular basis. So once a day, or once a week the person responsible for this task would go to the top of the tank, open a dip point and lift the dipstick out to take a reading of the level in the tank.


At Joyquip we really don't want to sell you something that has more functionality than you need or on the other hand, a system that does not do what you need. So we have a range of different solutions that suit the smallest to largest fuel storage customer:

ProGauge Wireless and Wired tank gauging probes work on the magnetostrictive principle which works at the speed of sound to measure your fuel and water levels in the tank.

- Tank probes are hazardous area approved for combustibles and flammables and can be installed in above or underground or above-ground applications. Probes are available up to 5m in length, most common lengths kept in stock, others made to order

- The Maglinx controller can be used with up to 32 probes 

- Broad Functionality with water bottom, fuel density, temperature etc.

- MagLink LX operates using a web-based server, remote fuel management and connectivity is supported by any web-enabled PC or tablet.

Check out the video below for an explanation of what ProGauge is about.















Download Progauge Overview Brochure

Joygauge is our most basic gauge, around $1,200 + GST installed with remote access for around $4/week including communications charges.

- A range of measuring devices suitable for diesel or non-flammable products only, up to 3m tanks with top entry point

- Connect to the Joylevel Cloud-Based monitoring service below

Joylevel Cloud-Based Monitoring Service is available for all gauges and across all platforms 

- Bring all your gauging into one place so that you know how much wet stock and ullage you have across your whole enterprise

- Multiple viewers with a hierarchical structure that means the fuel vendor can view all their tanks and provide their customer with an independent view of their own tanks.

- Re-order point email to your choice of recipients



Why indeed. When you take even a cursory look at the process it becomes obvious that you'd be crazy not to move away from the old methods now that we have very economical and easy to access solutions. 

Some of the benefits of eliminating the dipping process include:

► Accuracy & Consistency - Eliminate human error and forgetfulness!

► Convenience - Live tank levels, particularly good if you have more than one tank.

► OH&S - Working at heights - some tanks are even more difficult to get to than others!

► OH&S - Chemical exposure - ivery difficult to manual dip without breathing fuel vapours or getting fuel on your skin

► Fuel security - fuel can be a tempting commodity, knowing how much you have at any moment is part of the solution

► Automatic fuel ordering  - remove the problem of forgetting or waiting too late to order, one less task on your to do list. 

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