HOST Self Bunded Cubes 3000 to 6000 litre packages 

Self Bunded Cubes are an economic solution for small to medium volume fuel storage requirements, offering a smaller tank footprint whilst still supplying an effective fuel dispensing system. Tanks are available in the following sizes ex-stock Sydney:










Each of the tanks in the series can be fitted with a range of pumping solutions:

► Off Grid Solar Powered – 60 to 160 lpm

► Mains Power 240v or 12v – 60 to 100 lpm

► Fuel Management Systems
► Diesel or ULP Pump Packages



HOST cubes are designed to comply with all applicable standards providing peace of mind for your operation.

► Manufactured to UL142 - this standard exceeds AS1940, AS1692 and AS1757

► All tanks are self-bunded and can be used for Diesel or Petrol / ULP

► Statutory Decals Fitted

Talk to Joyquip about AS1940 and how to use our tanks in a safe and compliant manner to meet your duty of care.



We keep thinking of better ways to do fuel storage for our customers, this means our tanks are constantly improving. Some of the features on our HOST tanks include:

► Lockable cabinet on the front - you can have everything neatly secured away behind the doors.
► Fill Point – 80 mm (3") with Camlock Adaptor and Cap

► Multiple options for drawing fuel from the tank including one suction line with a footvalve
► Genset Lines - Suction and return ports
► Hot Dipped Galvanised Corner Posts avoid the corrosion that eventuates from normal wear and tear around the edges of the tank
► Tanks are stackable and come with forklift and crane lifting points for safe and easy transporting

► Tank top level gauge provides a quick indication of the contents of the tank without dipping



Whilst we have some standard packages, we've set these cubes up in a hundred different ways. Tell us what you want to do with your cube and we will make sure we build you something that matches your needs.
► Fuel management systems - we are not tied to any one system, we stock the renowned Piusi MC system, we fit many Smartfill Gen2 units and we work with any other system you care to mention!

► Automatic tank gauging ATG - This option may be cheaper than you think, Joyquip have solutions from $700 fitted. Remote access, data logging, GPS location, automatic re-ordering are features that deliver very quick payback - click here for information on our various ATG systems

Remote filling, ie. tank is in a building that your delivery truck cannot reach - may mean you need an overfill prevention valves fitted to the tank

► Solar powered options – most users are OK with 3 to 4 hours/day continuous pumping at 70 lpm, if you need something more or less we will do the maths and supply a suitable setup, all built into the tank.



Model #
Safe Fill Level - litres
Size LxWxH - m
Empty Weight - kg
Joyquip T6 Fuel Cibe with Piusi MC70 and Himast



► We are able to source smaller tanks, 500 litre, 1000 litre, 2000 litre. If you have a special purpose and need quantities of 10 or 20 units, we'd love to hear from you.


► The trend in the market is to slightly larger tanks, fuel companies struggle to deal with smaller deliveries and you won't get the benefit of bulk buying with these sizes.


► Our specialty is the handling of bulk quantities of fuel, these smaller sizes are not within our expertise.


► Other options for you include plastic moulded tanks which are readily available from other sources. 



► AS1692-2006 Steel tanks for Flammable & Combustible Liquids

► AS1940-2004 The storage and handling of Flammable & Combustible Liquids

► UL142 Aboveground Flammable and Combustable Liquid Tanks

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