Fuel Installation Services 

These days it can be difficult just to get tradespeople to turn up. And hopefully they know what they are doing when they finally arrive. In the end, it's not about the hourly rate, it's about getting the job done right and knowing that if something doesn't quite work the way it should, your service person will be back to fix it. No complaints, no excuses. That's the Joyquip attitude.


















Joyquip provide a full range of fuel equipment services including the following:



Commissioning of equipment is an important aspect of any successful fuel installation. A Joyquip expert attends every site at which we make a sale, sometimes it's just a 10 minute call where we make sure you are happy with your purchase. Or it could be a complex process involving setup, calibration, training, adjustment. You name it, we're up for it and we will keep coming back til it works to our full satisfaction.



We can't stand excuses and poor workmanship. Anyone in this business understands that not everything is perfect, things go wrong. When they do, it's attitude that counts. We will get our people on the job and we will make it work, no matter what. We've had cases where manufacturers of equipment don't back us up with the same attitude. No matter, we obviously won't buy their equipment again, however, we will fix your problem.



Repair, calibration, upgrade, replacement. We see some bowsers in pretty poor condition so don't be embarrassed, we will happily fix your old clunker or replace it if that's what needs to be done!



We'll work with you to provide the exact system you need to meet your requirements. See separate ATG page for further information.



Sometimes it's a better option to abandon underground tanks than to remove them. This work is dangerous and requires specialist knowledge and experience. We usually undertake this work as part of an overall installation project. Contact Joyquip for a chat.



Specialist work deserves specialist people. We'll get the job done no matter the current state or the complexity or simplicity of the job. We'll use approved equipment and knowledgeable tradespeople to make your fuel service reliable and safe. If you need excavation, traffic control, civil work, we can organise it for you.



Yes, we can. We have years of experience in bottom loading of road tankers. Conversions of existing top loading gantries, design and supply of best value modular bottom loading systems. We are enthusiastic experts in this area.  



Many of our clients ask us for help to comply with legislation, standards and local council planning rules. Whilst we have a degree of knowledge in this area, we aren't the experts! 

    ► AS1940 - the Australian standard relating to bulk storage of fuels, talk to us as a starting point, we will help you to decide if your potential project is viable according to the Australian standards.

    ► EPA and local council approvals - we start by undertaking a free survey of your site and business requirements. We work with a range of consultants who understand the commercial imperatives of business.




 We are not aligned with any particular equipment manufacturer so we can bring you the best.


 We are passionate about what we do, a job well done is its own reward


 We work to understand your business and delivery solutions that are just right for your requirements


 Member of the HOST tank network which has large buying power due to group volume.


 Broad coverage of Australia via the HOST network. Members share stock, work cooperatively on large projects and provide joint backup and support. 


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